Crown Lengthening in Sparta

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Clinical Crown Lengthening is needed in order to expose more of a tooth’s surface before a crown, bridge, or root canal.

What Happens During Crown Lengthening

No matter the reason for your crown lengthening, the procedure is simple and painless. The first step is to numb the affected areas with local anesthetic to ensure your comfort. Your excess gum tissue is removed; sometimes, a small amount of the bone that supports your tooth must also be removed. The gums are rinsed with salt water, then sutured in place. You may need a bandage to protect the area while it heals.

In the hours after your crown lengthening, the local anesthetic will wear off and you may experience tenderness and swelling. Use the pain relievers and mouth rinse we prescribe for you as directed to encourage healing, alleviate discomfort, and prevent infection. Although it can take up to three months for your gums to fully heal after crown lengthening, most patients return to their normal routines quickly. After one week, you can resume heavy lifting, exertion, and physically demanding jobs or tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Lengthening

Call 973-729-9392 to learn more or book an appointment.