Gingival Gum Grafting in Sparta

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Gum recession can be a consequence of gum disease, aging, or even brushing too hard. No matter the reason, receded gums can cause painful sensitivity, leave the newly exposed roots susceptible to decay, and give you a “long in the tooth” look that ages your smile. Gingival grafting replaces gum tissue that has been lost to prevent further gum recession and damage to surrounding teeth and bone structure.

Also known as a soft tissue graft, a gingival grafting procedure can be performed in a few different ways. Tissue may be removed from one area of the mouth and relocated to the areas where recession has occurred; in other cases, a tissue flap is created to allow added tissue to be joined with existing gums to encourage new tissue growth and healing. The procedure can be used to treat a single tooth or several adjacent teeth all at once to cover as much of the exposed root area as possible.

Reasons for Gum Grafting

We recommend gum grafting surgery for the following reasons:

Oral Health

There are important medical reasons to undergo a gum grafting procedure. Gum recession caused by periodontal disease can cause cavities to form on the roots of your teeth, make your teeth unstable, and eventually lead to tooth loss. Once tooth loss occurs, the bone that supported them begins to break down, which can cause remaining teeth to shift, loosen, and fall out. Gum grafts repair the damage caused by gum disease and help restore your oral health.


One of the most common complaints about gum recession is the painful sensitivity it causes. When the roots of the teeth are exposed, they can be extremely sensitive to both hot and cold sensations. Replacing the gum tissue that has been lost will alleviate this sensitivity.


Gum grafting also corrects the appearance of your smile after you’ve experienced gum recession. Because receded gums are associated with aging, they can make you appear older. Restoring lost gum tissue can make your teeth look more even and give you a youthful smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gingival Gum Grafting

To learn more or schedule an appointment, call 973-729-9392.